Shark Tank arrives in New Orleans

Most of us are familiar with the great reality television program known as Shark Tank. The first episode aired August 9, 2009 on the ABC network. The premise of the show is simple, the show features aspiring entrepreneurs as they make business presentations to a panel of five investors or “sharks”. The sharks then choose whether to invest as business partners or instruct the hopeful entrepreneurs to invest their time elsewhere. The show includes encouraging but realistic advice that anybody with dreams of starting a business can use. Think of American Idol but for tech and business driven individuals. What drives people to continuously tune in is the creative ideas highlighted and how the “sharks” engage with qualified insight to create a continued path of success for inspiring brand owners.

Now that you have been formerly introduced to the show get excited because the show is coming to the Big Easy. New Orleans is on the list of cities upon which the Shark Tank cast has ventured out to. Shark Tank has partnered with Values Partnerships and Urban League of Louisiana to bring new tech and creatives to infuse down the Mississippi.  Cast calling registration took place on July 13th prompting at 9am.

What this means for future New Orleans native entrepreneurs, besides a new source of steady income is a job market increase for others. With new business ideas comes new positions, which leads to a growth in opportunity for others to expand in different industries. Being that the show has been on for nine seasons, there have been plenty of examples of what to do and not to do. According to the lady shark, Lori Greiner, from an article posted June 2018 in Entrepreneur,  the three biggest pitch mistakes a hopeful small business owner can do is being unprepared, lacking passion for what they are pitching, and having an arrogant attitude.

Outside of the lights and camera, the cast of Shark Tank is providing an opportunity for people who don’t come from money but have an idea that can possibly approve daily tasks. New Orleans small business owners are sure to present something that is unique to the city that the nation is sure to fall in love with. Here’s hoping the newest innovator is residing in the city of New Orleans.

by Brittany Sam, recruiter