Welcome Back to New Orleans Perspectives!

The date was March 11, 2020. It was our last in-person focus group before we shut our doors and said, “see you when I see you.” The pandemic was just getting started and we didn’t know what to expect. For over a year, we held groups solely virtually, and many of you were great virtual participants.  

But we just wanted to let you know:  New Orleans Perspectives is open for in person groups! We are delighted to welcome clients hoping to back to New Orleans as well as local participants back into our research facility for rich discussion and to earn a little extra cash.

We understand it’s been a hard, tumultuous, and unsettling time and how we all collectively experienced our lives drastically shifted. A lot of us are relearning how to navigate socially once again while recognizing we have been re-entering society at different points throughout the pandemic based on our location, job demands, and personal comfort. Many of us have gained new insight and perspective since then on adapting to the extreme changes of our environment with hope that we can move forward in our post-pandemic world.

In this time, we’ve learned to adjust our operations and navigate Covid-19 mandates and restrictions with the understanding that things can change in an instant. It’s been quite the learning curve for all of us, however we’ve been able to successfully run both in-person and online focus groups in 2022.While the challenges do arise occasionally, being patient and meeting both clients and participants at their comfort level been the key to success.

So for now, we are so excited to be together in a physical space with everyone once again.

But, if being in a physical space is not possible for you, we are still available for online studies and focus groups as well. There are options and we are happy to connect and conduct in a way that would serve both clients and participants. Either way, we hope to talk to you soon, whether it is in person or virtually!

Aimee Cedro

Senior Research Recruiter